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CD 1-1/2: Even More Folk Dances for Kids and Teachers

Dance music on this CD, by Sanna Longden, includes more music for dances from Video/DVD #1(Favorite Folk Dances of Kids & Teachers-red), #2 (More Favorite Folk Dances of Kids & Teachers-purple), and #3 (Living Ethnic Dances for Kids & Teachers-blue) as follows:

Aloha Kakahiaka, pre K-3rd, happy Hawaiian hula (DVD 3)

Ba La, 5th-adults, energetic cha-cha mixer from Israel (DVD 2)

Bluebird, K-2nd, fun dance from the USA staring in a circle and ending in a long train (DVD 1)

Bulgar, 9th-adults, Eastern European Jewish dance for couples (DVD 3)

Epo i Tai Tai, K-6th, charming clapping dance from Samoa/Hawaii (DVD 2)

Good Old Days, 4th-adults, hand-jive individual dance from the USA (DVD 1)

Here Comes Santa in a Red Canoe, 1st-5th, a happy Hawaiian hula for the holidays (DVD 1)

Hora (Tzena), 5th-adults, catchy tune for the Israeli hora (DVD 1)

Hora (Yemei Hannukah), 5th-adults, hannukah tune for the Israeli hora (DVD 1)

Jingle Bells, K-8th, fun mixer from USA/Holland to that old familiar tune (DVD 1)

Sasha, 5th-adults, energetic mixer from Russia (DVD 2)

Servihasapikos, 6th-adults, basic Greek line dance (DVD 3)

Troika, 3rd-adults, trio dance from Russia (DVD 2)

Twelfth Street Rag, 6th-adults, Charleston-type dance from the USA (DVD 1)

Ya' Abud, 7th-adults, Debky-like line dance from Lebanon (DVD 3)

A syllabus of dance descriptions is also included.

Music on this CD may also be found on the red audio tape (for dances on Video/DVD #1, the purple audio tape (for dances on Video/DVD #2), and the blue audio tape (for dances on Video/DVD #3). Music for the other dances on these videos and DVDs is included on Sanna's CD #1.

This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 27 March, 2012.
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