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Studio 49 Replacement Parts

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 Glockenspiel Bar Only for SGD/AGD   Studio 49   AG-01   Glockenspiel Bar Only for SGD/AGD     $10.00 
 Glockenspiel Nails for AGD/SGD   Studio 49   AG-03   Glockenspiel Nails for AGD/SGD     $21.75 
 Glockenspiel Tubing   Studio 49   AG-02   Glockenspiel Tubing     $11.50 
 Metallophone Bar Only for BM2000   Studio 49   BM-01   Metallophone Bar Only for BM2000     $82.00 
 Metallophone Bar Only for SM/AM2000   Studio 49   M-01   Metallophone Bar Only for SM/AM2000     $40.00 
 Metallophone Replacement Pins for SM/AM2000   Studio 49   AM-03   Metallophone Replacement Pins for SM/AM2000     $21.25 
 Metallophone Tubing for SM/AM2000   Studio 49   AM-02   Metallophone Tubing for SM/AM2000     $19.95 
 MIE Orff Instrument Tubing, Per Yard   MIE Publications   MIE-OT1   MIE Orff Instrument Tubing, Per Yard     $3.75 
 Xylophone Bar Only for BX2000   Studio 49   BX-01   Xylophone Bar Only for BX2000     $89.75 
 Xylophone Bar Only for BXG2000   Studio 49   BXG-01   Xylophone Bar Only for BXG2000     $88.00 
 Xylophone Bar Only for SX/AX2000   Studio 49   X-01   Xylophone Bar Only for SX/AX2000     $39.50 
 Xylophone Bar Only for SXG/AXG2000   Studio 49   XG-01   Xylophone Bar Only for SXG/AXG2000     $37.95 
 Xylophone Damper Strip for BM2000   Studio 49   BM-04   Xylophone Damper Strip for BM2000     $18.95 
 Xylophone Replacement Pins for BX2000   Studio 49   BX-03   Xylophone Replacement Pins for BX2000     $22.25 
 Xylophone Replacement Pins for SX/AX2000   Studio 49   AX-03   Xylophone Replacement Pins for SX/AX2000     $22.00 
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January 8-11, 2014 Florida Music Education Association (FMEA) Tampa, FL
January 22-25, 2014 Indiana Music Education Association (IMEA) Fort Wayne, IN
  • Pre Conference (Roger Sams)
  • Improvisation
  • Composition
  • Sarah Hassler's workshop
January 22-25, 2014 Colorado Music Education Association (CMEA) Colorado Springs, CO
  • Workshop
February 6-8, 2014 Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA) Columbus, OH
  • Roger Sams. Purposeful Pathways K-2
  • Roger Sams. Purposeful Pathways 2-4
  • Roger Sams/Sam Marchuk/ You Can Uke!
  • Rachel Pollard. One Chorus-Endless Options
  • Rachel Pollard OMEA 2014
  • Purposeful Pathways 1
  • Purposeful Pathways 2
February 12-15, 2014 Texas Music Education Association (TMEA) San Antonio, TX
February 27-March 1, 2014 Kansas Music Education Association (KMEA) Wichta, KS
March 20-22, 2014 Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE) Atlanta, GA
March 26-28, 2014 Pennsylvania Music Education Association (PMEA) Hershey, PA
August 6-8, 2014 Indiana General Music Conference (IMEA) Indianapolis, IN
  • Roger Sams. You Can Uke