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Have Elementary Music Classroom Questions?
Ask Music is Elementary Music Consultant, BethAnn BethAnn Hepburn , Co-Author Purposeful Pathways AOSA Approved Teacher Education Instructor
  • Suggestions for teacher resources by topic or grade level.
  • Recommendations regarding general music classroom resources.
  • Guidance for Orff-Schulwerk instrument purchases.
  • Recommendations for curriculum resources.

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Boomwhacker Music

    Manufacturer   Model   Products+   Buy Now   Price 
 All-American Boomwhackers   Plank Road Publishing   AB-216   All-American Boomwhackers     $29.95 
 Animated Boomwhackers (DVD)   BLB Studios   BB223   Animated Boomwhackers (DVD)     $19.95 
 Back to the Boomwhackers (Book/CD)   BLB Studios   BB201   Back to the Boomwhackers (Book/CD)     $15.98 
 Bible Boomers   Whacky Music   EBB1   Bible Boomers     $10.95 
 Boom 'n Tunes: Easy Folk Tunes   Heritage Music Press (Lorenz)   30/1947H   Boom 'n Tunes: Easy Folk Tunes     $29.95 
 Boom 'n Tunes: Just for Fun   Heritage Music Press (Lorenz)   30/1946H   Boom 'n Tunes: Just for Fun     $29.95 
 Boom Boom! Boomwhackers on Broadway (Book/CD)   Alfred Publishing   BMR07021CD   Boom Boom! Boomwhackers on Broadway (Book/CD)     $19.95 
 Boom Boom! Classics for Boomwhackers (Book/CD)   Alfred Publishing   BMR07025CD   Boom Boom! Classics for Boomwhackers (Book/CD)     $19.95 
 Boom Boom! Holiday Fun! (Book/CD)   Alfred Publishing   BMR07022CD   Boom Boom! Holiday Fun! (Book/CD)     $19.95 
 Boom Boom! Popular Movie and TV Songs for Boomwhackers (Book/CD)   Alfred Publishing   BMR07016CD   Boom Boom! Popular Movie and TV Songs for Boomwhackers (Book/CD)     $17.95 
 Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   BT1B   Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)     $11.98 
 Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 2 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   BT2B   Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 2 (Book/CD)     $7.95 
 Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 3 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   BT3B   Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 3 (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 4 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   BT4B   Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 4 (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 5 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   BT5B   Boom-A-Tunes Curriculum, Vol. 5 (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 BoomWhack Attack! (Book/CD)   Hal Leonard Publishing   09971000   BoomWhack Attack! (Book/CD)     $19.95 
 Boomwhacker Bingo   Plank Road Publishing   BW-116   Boomwhacker Bingo     $34.95 
 Boomwhacker Christmas, A   Plank Road Publishing   BC-116   Boomwhacker Christmas, A     $29.95 
 Boomwhackers and Beyond   Shawnee Press   GN0107   Boomwhackers and Beyond     $39.95 
 Boomwhackers Beat Bag (Book/CD)   BLB Studios   BB106   Boomwhackers Beat Bag (Book/CD)     $15.95 
 Boomwhackers Games (CD)   BLB Studios   BB200   Boomwhackers Games (CD)     $12.00 
 Building Blocks Children's Songs, Vol. 1   Whacky Music   BV1T   Building Blocks Children's Songs, Vol. 1     $9.48 
 Building Blocks Children's Songs, Vol. 2   Whacky Music   BV2T   Building Blocks Children's Songs, Vol. 2     $11.50 
 BWhacky Tracks: The Musical (Book/CD)   BLB Studios   BB202   BWhacky Tracks: The Musical (Book/CD)     $15.95 
 BWhacky Tracks: The Musical (Demo DVD)   BLB Studios   B202DVD   BWhacky Tracks: The Musical (Demo DVD)     $15.95 
 Fun with Boomwhackers   Alfred Publishing   0528B   Fun with Boomwhackers     $14.95 
 Have a Whacky Year (Book/CD)   Plank Road Publishing   WY-116   Have a Whacky Year (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Joyous Holiday for Joyous Instruments, A (Book/CD)   Plank Road Publishing   SP-226   Joyous Holiday for Joyous Instruments, A (Book/CD)     $22.95 
 More Boomwackers Games (CD)   BLB Studios   BB210   More Boomwackers Games (CD)     $12.00 
 Perfect for Primaries (Book/CD)   BLB Studios   BB207   Perfect for Primaries (Book/CD)     $15.95 
 Primary Boomwhackers Beat Bag (Book/CD)   BLB Studios   BB107   Primary Boomwhackers Beat Bag (Book/CD)     $15.95 
 Totally Tubular, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   EFT1   Totally Tubular, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Totally Tubular, Vol. 2 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   EFT2   Totally Tubular, Vol. 2 (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Totally Tubular, Whactive (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   DFTW   Totally Tubular, Whactive (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Tube Jams   Heritage Music Press (Lorenz)   30/2625H   Tube Jams     $14.95 
 Tube Time, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   ETM1   Tube Time, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Tube Time, Vol. 2 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   ETM2   Tube Time, Vol. 2 (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Tube Time, Vol. 3 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   ETM3   Tube Time, Vol. 3 (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Tubular Camp Songs, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   BW2308   Tubular Camp Songs, Vol. 1 (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Tubular Christmas, A (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   EFCH   Tubular Christmas, A (Book/CD)     $7.98 
 Tubular Classics (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   EFCL   Tubular Classics (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Tubular Patriotic Songs (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   EFPA   Tubular Patriotic Songs (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Tubular Spirituals (Book/CD)   Whacky Music   EFSP   Tubular Spirituals (Book/CD)     $6.50 
 Twelve Days Of Joyous Instruments, The (Book/CD)   Plank Road Publishing   SP-156   Twelve Days Of Joyous Instruments, The (Book/CD)     $22.95 
 We Wish You a Whacky Christmas (Book/CD)   Plank Road Publishing   WC-116   We Wish You a Whacky Christmas (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Whack Tracks (CD)   Whacky Music   CDW1   Whack Tracks (CD)     $5.95 
 Whack-a Boom!! - Boomwhackers Card Games   Whacky Music   WBC1   Whack-a Boom!! - Boomwhackers Card Games     $11.95 
 Whack-A-Doodle Too!   Whacky Music   SB02   Whack-A-Doodle Too!     $2.98 
 Whack-A-Doodle-Doo!   Whacky Music   SB01   Whack-A-Doodle-Doo!     $5.98 
 Whacked on Classics (Book/CD)   Hal Leonard Publishing   09970419   Whacked on Classics (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Whacked on Classics II (Book/CD)   Hal Leonard Publishing   09970546   Whacked on Classics II (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Whacked on Music (Book/CD)   Hal Leonard Publishing   09970590   Whacked on Music (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Whacked on Rhythm (Book/CD)   Hal Leonard Publishing   09970718   Whacked on Rhythm (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Whacky Do Re Mi and Other Boomwhacker Favorites (Book/CD)   Plank Road Publishing   WD-116   Whacky Do Re Mi and Other Boomwhacker Favorites (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Whacky Folk Fest (Book/CD)   Plank Road Publishing   FF-116   Whacky Folk Fest (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Whacky Fun 1 (Book/CD)   Plank Road Publishing   WH-116   Whacky Fun 1 (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Whacky Fun 2 (Book/CD)   Plank Road Publishing   WH-216   Whacky Fun 2 (Book/CD)     $29.95 
 Whacky Fun 3 (Book/CD)   Plank Road Publishing   WH-316   Whacky Fun 3 (Book/CD)     $29.95 
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September 6, 2014Indiana Music Education Association (IMEA) General Music Workshop. Indianapolis, IN
October 18, 2014Michigan Music Education Association (MMEA) General Music Workshop. Ypsilanti, MI
October 30November 1, 2014 – Wisconsin Music Education Association (WMEA). Madison, WI
November 5-8, 2014American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA). Nashville, TN
November 5-8, 2014American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). Louisville, KY
November 13-15, 2014Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS). Aberdeen, Scotland
January 14-17, 2015Florida Music Education Association (FMEA). Tampa, FL
January 14-17, 2015Indiana Music Education Association (IMEA). Fort Wayne, IN
January 28-30, 2015Colorado Music Education Association (CMEA). Colorado Springs, CO
February 4-7, 2015Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA). Cleveland, OH
  • Beth Ann Hepburn: Differentiated Instruction
  • Brian Burnett: Road to Improvisation
  • Lisa Sullivan: Technology with Integrity
  • Sarah Hassler: Music and Movement - Inseparable
  • Sarah Hassler: Play in Your Choir
  • Holly Walton: SMART Orff Strategies
  • Dave Holland: Frames & Games
  • Dave Holland: Interactive Rhythm
  • Dave Holland: Drumming Up Congnition
February 11-15, 2015Texas Music Education Association (TMEA). San Antonio, TX
  • Beth Ann Hepburn/Roger Sams: Pulling It Together
  • Beth Ann Hepburn/Roger Sams: Purposeful Pathways
February 25-28, 2014Kansas Music Education Association (KMEA). Wichita, KS
  • Roger Sams: Improvisation Handouts
  • Roger Sams: Composition Handouts.pdf
March 19-22, 2015Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE). Minneapolis, MN
March 25-28, 2015Pennsylvania Music Education Association (PMEA). Hershey, PA