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 RhythmTech Trigger Triangle   Rhythm Tech   RT6000   RhythmTech Trigger Triangle     $27.95 
 Triangle Holder with Ball Grip   Rhythm Works   3515A   Triangle Holder with Ball Grip     $1.85 
 Triangle Striker, Economy      3515   Triangle Striker, Economy     $1.00 
 Triangle,  4"      3504   Triangle, 4"     $3.95 
 Triangle,  5"      3505   Triangle, 5"     $3.85 
 Triangle,  6"      3516   Triangle, 6"     $4.95 
 Triangle,  8"      3518   Triangle, 8"     $6.75 
 Triangle, Deluxe  6"   Rhythm Works   TRG6   Triangle, Deluxe 6"     $12.95 
 Triangle, Deluxe  8"   Rhythm Works   TRG8   Triangle, Deluxe 8"     $13.95 
 Triangle, Deluxe 10"   Rhythm Works   TRG10   Triangle, Deluxe 10"     $15.95 
 Triangle, with Guiro Side, 4"   Rhythm Works   T4-A   Triangle, with Guiro Side, 4"     $7.95 
 Triangle, with Guiro Side, 6"   Rhythm Works   T6-B   Triangle, with Guiro Side, 6"     $8.95 
 Triangle, with Guiro Side, 8"   Rhythm Works   T8-C   Triangle, with Guiro Side, 8"     $10.95 
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September 6, 2014Indiana Music Education Association (IMEA) General Music Workshop. Indianapolis, IN
October 18, 2014Michigan Music Education Association (MMEA) General Music Workshop. Ypsilanti, MI
October 30November 1, 2014 – Wisconsin Music Education Association (WMEA). Madison, WI
  • Roger Sams. WMEA 2014 Sams Improvisation Handouts
November 5-8, 2014American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA). Nashville, TN
November 5-8, 2014American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). Louisville, KY
November 13-15, 2014Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS). Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Roger Sams. AMIS Improvisation Handouts
  • Beth Ann Hepburn. AMIS Differentiated Instruction Handouts
  • Sams/Hepburn. AMIS Curricular Goals Handouts
  • Sams/Hepburn. AMIS Curriculum on Stage Handouts
  • Beth Ann Hepburn. AMIS Creative Movement Handouts
January 14-17, 2015Florida Music Education Association (FMEA). Tampa, FL
  • Holly Walton: Interactive Improvisations
  • Holly Walton: SOS
  • Holly Walton: Successful Singing
January 14-17, 2015Indiana Music Education Association (IMEA). Fort Wayne, IN
  • Roger Sams: What! No Xylophones?
  • Roger Sams: The Singing Voice - Our Primary Instrument
  • Lisa Sullivan: Technology with Integrity in the Orff Classroom
  • Lisa Sullivan: Folk Dance session
  • Brian Burnett: The Road to Improvisation
  • Brian Burnett: Assessment for Learning
  • Brian Burnett: Sequencing Movement Activities
January 28-30, 2015Colorado Music Education Association (CMEA). Colorado Springs, CO
February 4-7, 2015Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA). Cleveland, OH
February 11-15, 2015Texas Music Education Association (TMEA). San Antonio, TX
February 25-28, 2014Kansas Music Education Association (KMEA). Wichita, KS
March 19-22, 2015Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE). Minneapolis, MN
March 25-28, 2015Pennsylvania Music Education Association (PMEA). Hershey, PA