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Have Elementary Music Classroom Questions?
Ask Music is Elementary Music Consultant, BethAnn BethAnn Hepburn , Co-Author Purposeful Pathways AOSA Approved Teacher Education Instructor
  • Suggestions for teacher resources by topic or grade level.
  • Recommendations regarding general music classroom resources.
  • Guidance for Orff-Schulwerk instrument purchases.
  • Recommendations for curriculum resources.

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Authors: BethAnn Hepburn & Roger Sams

Purposeful Pathways:
Possibilities for the Elementary Music Classroom Book 1

This is a collection of curricular materials for learning music through active music making. This collection of developmentally sequenced learning activities offers elementary music educators diverse choices for how to present material by choosing their own Pathways: including singing, literacy, movement, improvisation, composition and instrumental ensemble.
'Hover' for a look inside book 1 lessons
  • Burnie BeeBurnie Bee
    Burnie Bee
  • Engine EngineEngine Engine
    Engine Engine
  • Engine EngineEngine Engine
    Engine Engine
  • Engine EngineEngine Engine
Curriculum Project

BooK 1 SMART Notebook Companion CD-ROM

Interactive technology supports literacy & creativity

'hover' to enlarge Sample Visual Files
  • Burnie BeeBurnie Bee
  • Engine EngineEngine Engine
  • Engine EngineEngine Engine

Purposeful Pathways:
Possibilities for the Elementary Music Classroom Book 2

'Hover' for a look inside book 2 lessons
  • Burnie BeeBurnie Bee
  • Engine EngineEngine Engine
  • Engine EngineEngine Engine
  • Engine EngineEngine Engine
Curriculum Project

BooK 2 SMART Notebook Companion CD-ROM

Interactive technology supports literacy & creativity

'hover' to enlarge Sample Visual Files
  • Big HouseBig House
  • TommyTommy
  • PiccadillyPiccadilly
  • Grouping3Grouping3

Helpful tools for the teacher

Teacher flexibility and choice through the Pathways format Graphics support directions for movement activities Glossary of terms Teacher talk boxes Directions embedded in the SMART files Curriculum sequenced by rhythm & melody Reproducible Manipulatives for student compositions
Burnie Bee

Play Song
Where go the Boats is the first installment in the Robert Louis Stevenson Song Cycle, by Roger Sams. This elegant, pentatonic melody will charm and delight your singers while cultivating beautiful, lyrical singing. Opportunities for literacy work abound, with particularly clear opportunities to practice low Sol and and Low La below the Do tonal center. Click Here

Play Song
Marching Song is the second installment in the Robert Louis Stevenson Song Cycle, by Roger Sams. This lively three-part treble arrangement is both fun to sing and loaded with clear teaching opportunities. The melody for the verses is pentatonic, with an emphasis on Low Sol and Low La (below the tonal center). The chorus offers three mock instrument parts, each with their own melodic identities. The "drum part" continues to emphasize the pitches below the tonal center. The "flute part" offers a perfect opportunity to review Sol, La, and Mi patterns. The "cymbal part" introduces "Ti". Put them all together and you've got young singers singing in three-part harmony with joy and ease. The fourth verse teaches augmentation, before a rousing final chorus that will delight singer and audiences alike. Click Here

Play Song
Based on the poem, A Christmas Tree by William Burford, James Carr brings a modern sensitivity to this beautiful seasonal piece. Solo and duet opportunities present themselves in the beginning of the piece. As it develops, the canonic relationship between the soprano and alto lines lends itself to movement. Long tones and exquisitely crafted phrases support the cultivation of beautiful, lyrical singing. Frequent rests on beat one, make this piece a challenging and stimulated study in rhythm and meter. Click Here

Play Song
By Zuleikha is a simple song. Using Arabic Text, it praises Mary, Mother of Jesus, as a doorway for remembering all the mothers on the earth, those who came before and those will come after. The refrain means "Peace be with you." This song came as an inspiration for greater love and harmony in the world. This beautiful arrangement has wonderful opportunities for solo as well as choral work, offering singers an opportunity to explore ornamentation, evoking the Middle East. Clear, repetitive harmony lines are easily sung below the melody, while the descant begins as a canon at the fourth. This beautiful piece can be performed with a simple circle dance, which heightens the canonic relationship between the melody and descant. Dance instructions are available in the Deluxe Edition of "Hazrat Bibi Maryam." Click Here

Play Song
This Deluxe Edition title includes a CD with rehearsal recordings (including a recording of Bella Voce from Hathaway Brown School, individual voice parts sung by an adult female vocal model, and an accompaniment only track) and CD-ROM with reproducible scores and Kodály based teaching plans by Georgia Newlin, DMA, and vocal production tips from Rachel Pollard, M.Ed., that unfold over the course of ten rehearsals. Click Here

Here you will find items for use with early childhood, elementary music education, Orff-Schulwerk, music therapy and anyone with an interest in music. Be sure to check out our Featured Products. You can navigate through this website by clicking directly on the links on the left side. From there you can browse through our many categories of musical instruments and related items.

Music is Elementary is a proud supporter of music education. Our close-knit working environment allows individual attention to our customers and direct order processing through our on-site warehouse. For your convenience you can place an order via our secure online server, phone toll free at (800) 888-7502, fax at (440) 461-3631 or mail.

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September 6, 2014Indiana Music Education Association (IMEA) General Music Workshop. Indianapolis, IN
October 18, 2014Michigan Music Education Association (MMEA) General Music Workshop. Ypsilanti, MI
October 30November 1, 2014 – Wisconsin Music Education Association (WMEA). Madison, WI
November 5-8, 2014American Orff-Schulwerk Association (AOSA). Nashville, TN
November 5-8, 2014American Music Therapy Association (AMTA). Louisville, KY
November 13-15, 2014Association for Music in International Schools (AMIS). Aberdeen, Scotland
January 14-17, 2015Florida Music Education Association (FMEA). Tampa, FL
January 14-17, 2015Indiana Music Education Association (IMEA). Fort Wayne, IN
January 28-30, 2015Colorado Music Education Association (CMEA). Colorado Springs, CO
February 4-7, 2015Ohio Music Education Association (OMEA). Cleveland, OH
  • Beth Ann Hepburn: Differentiated Instruction
  • Brian Burnett: Road to Improvisation
  • Lisa Sullivan: Technology with Integrity
  • Sarah Hassler: Music and Movement - Inseparable
  • Sarah Hassler: Play in Your Choir
  • Holly Walton: SMART Orff Strategies
  • Dave Holland: Frames & Games
  • Dave Holland: Interactive Rhythm
  • Dave Holland: Drumming Up Congnition
February 11-15, 2015Texas Music Education Association (TMEA). San Antonio, TX
  • Beth Ann Hepburn/Roger Sams: Pulling It Together
  • Beth Ann Hepburn/Roger Sams: Purposeful Pathways
February 25-28, 2014Kansas Music Education Association (KMEA). Wichita, KS
  • Roger Sams: Improvisation Handouts
  • Roger Sams: Composition Handouts.pdf
March 19-22, 2015Organization of American Kodály Educators (OAKE). Minneapolis, MN
March 25-28, 2015Pennsylvania Music Education Association (PMEA). Hershey, PA